• Array Server
    Array Server is an enterprise solution, allowing users to store, share, search, and integrate their NGS, microarray, SNP, CNV projects and data and includes a full sample management system. Easily share analyzed data with clients and colleagues. For NGS, Array Server can distribute jobs to a pipeline to control all NGS analytics. Read More
  • Array Studio
    Array Studio is a software package which provides state of the art statistics and visualization for the analysis of high dimensional data (i.e NGS (next generation sequencing), microarray, SNP, CNV). The software is designed for ease of use so that biologists can function at near... Read More
  • Genome Browser
    Omicsoft's Genome Browser allows companies, core labs, and individuals to visualize their genomic data like never before. Integrated fully with Omicsoft's Array Suite package (Array Server and Array Studio), the Genome Browser can be used to visualize a variety of different data types. Read More

Bioinformatics Journal: OSA: A fast and accurate alignment tool for RNA-Seq

At Omicsoft, we focus on biomarker data management, visualization, and analysis. To achieve
this, we design software that is easy enough to be used by the bench scientist, but powerful
enough to be used by the bioinformatician or statistician. By taking these three groups into
account, we achieve software that is fast, powerful, and easy to use.