Array Server


Product Overview

Array Server is the enterprise solution, and 1/2 of Array Suite (Array Studio + Array Server), allowing users to store, share, search, and integrate their microarray/SNP/CNV projects and data, as well as Next Generation Sequencing Data (NGS). Easily share analyzed data with clients and colleagues. Array Server allows user to generate multi-project visualizations and charts, including analyzing SNP, CNV, and Microarray data together.


Array Server supports any number of high dimensional platforms, including the same platforms supported by Omicsoft’s analysis solution, Array Studio. Search by meta data (project name, disease area, etc..), as well as search-by-gene functions allow the end-user to quickly hone in on their area of interest. Users can even profile their genes across multiple studies, or visualize multiple projects across platforms via Omicsoft’s Region Analysis. Simple meta-analysis can be done across projects as well, to find regions or genes that can be considered significant across multiple projects.


Array Server is always installed on the client's server machines (or can run via EC2 or other cloud resources). This controls security of all data, as it's always stored within the institution's architecture.


Optionally, institutions can purchase access to Omicsoft's fully analyzed GEO dataset repository. These projects have been fully analyzed by Omicsoft's statisticians and scientists, and are provided to the institutions (and hosted locally on their server), allowing integration between the institution's data and the public data. This is a subscription service, so as more data becomes available to the public, it becomes available to the institution as well.


Who should use Array Server:

Array Server is designed for institutions, to be used by biologists and bioinformaticians to easily store, search, and share data. For institutions that constantly need to share their data among non microarray/genetic experts, Array Server provides the ability to easily do that. Any biologist can use Array Viewer, the Array Server client, to access and search their data, without the need to fully understand the inner workings of high dimensional data analysis.


Next Generation Sequencing


Array Server can be used to run pipelines for analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data. With its distributed computing models, Array Server can be placed at multiple sites (or multiple nodes) to best use the resources of the environment. A Master Server controls the main aspects of the server, and additional Analytical Servers allow the users to spread out resources as needed. Each node has its own set of raw data management, as well as the ability to run separate pipelines. For NGS alignment and summarization needs, it usually makes sense to place the infrastructure near that of the data, and this design allows the user to do so. Array Server integrates with the Omicsoft Genome Browser, allowing users to easily access .BAM files and .VCF files that have been stored and managed by the server. All NGS analytics are run on the analytical servers, ensuring that no large data transfers of NGS files are needed. Fully integrated with Array Server's sample management system, this allows for easy access to hundreds or thousands of .BAM files in the genome browser.


Omicsoft now offers a TCGA Next Generation data service, as well as per-project analysis of NGS data, that can be easily integrated into the client's Array Server installation


Features & Benefits

  • Cross project/platform data storage
  • Cross project/platform data search
  • Cross project/platform data integration
  • Fully integrated with Omicsoft's analysis software, Array Studio
  • Sample management system, with possible integration with internal LIMS system. Fully customizable by the client, or in conjunction with Omicsoft
  • SampleSet or Project Management system, fully customizable by the client, or in conjunction with Omicsoft
  • Gene list analysis for analyzing and comparing gene lists to data on the server.
  • Region analysis, useful for comparing cross-platforms (i.e Affymetrix to Agilent) and cross-data type (i.e SNP to microarray).
  • Meta analysis for comparing across multiple projects or data types.
  • CNV Region Search and CNV Region Analysis for finding all data related to a single CNV region or segment
  • Easy sharing of customized views with colleagues.
  • Full display of original data and views created by the analysts, including the ability for the user to add new views on-demand.
  • Easy publishing of data to server with single click.
  • Full text search by project meta data
  • Full text search by any design (sample annotation) columns
  • Search data by raw p-values, adjusted p-values, estimates, fold changes, intensity level, and chromosomal location, including the ability to search a single gene or perform a batch search of multiple genes.
  • Provides list management function, for both individual users and lists maintained by the administrator.
  • Server runs under Windows, Linux and Solaris (Client viewer software runs under Windows).
  • Support 1000+ concurrent users
  • Seamless integration with Excel and PowerPoint
  • Easily manage user groups, users, sessions and views




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