Product Overview

Array Suite

Omicsoft's main product offering consists of Array Studio and Array Server (Array Suite), which work together to fill all of your genomic and genetic software needs. Array Studio provides the analysis and visualization engine for analyzing SNP, Copy Number/CGH, Gene Expression, RT-PCR, NGS and more. As a standalone product it provides the user with a complete statistical and visualization package for analyzing individual studies or projects. Array Server provides an enterprise solution for the management of the same data that can be analyzed using Array Studio. Users can easily upload analyzed projects to Array Server for storage, sharing, and more. Along with a subscription to Omicsoft's full database of analyzed GEO projects, users can integrate public and internal data easily. Omicsoft has found that the best way to fully optimize your data analysis, visualization, and storage needs is to purchase the full Array Server/Studio suite of products.


Omicsoft also offers its incredible Genome Browser, which comes standard with Array Studio. Combined with Array Server, the genome browser offers a fully shareable solution for the delivery of OMIC and NextGen sequencing data results to biologists and bioinformaticians.