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Omicsoft is the leading provider of Next Generation Sequencing, Cancer Genomics, Immunology, and Bioinformatics solutions for Next Generation Sequencing Data and Gene Expression Analysis.



Omicsoft regularly holds webinars on its products and services.  Check here for the latest information on scheduled webinars.  Frequent topics include OncoLand (TCGA and more), ImmunoLand, and NGS pipelines and visualization via Omicsoft Genome Browser.

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* Register     [Wed, May 03 2017 11 AM- 12 PM EDT]         Omicsoft Array Suite 10.0 Release
Webinar language: English

In this webinar, Jack Liu from Omicsoft, a QIAGEN company, will present to you Omicsoft Array Suite 10.0 Release.

Array Suite 10.0 is the latest updated software solution from Omicsoft, now a QIAGEN company. This version includes revolutionary updates, with multiple technology breakthroughs including: Cloud-Based Lands, Single Cell RNA-Seq support, ENCODE integration and many other updates to both analytics and framework. The following top 10 new features will be presented in the Webinar:

1. Cloud-Based Lands – 10x faster, 10x less space, more frequent updates and automatic updates (deliver once and keep up-to-date)

2. Single Cell RNA-Seq support – support of single cell technology (with or without UMI) through dedicated preprocessing modules, tags in alignment, UMI-friendly counting and mutation calling/fusion, sparse storage, etc.

3. ENCODE integration in Omicsoft genome browser – over 52,000 tracks for Human B37.3, Human B38 and Mouse B38. Automatic BAM indexing and fast coverage tracks for hundreds of NGS samples

4. New gene set analysis – access to fast gene set analysis for over 20,000 gene sets that are built from reference databases and Lands

5. Streaming large tables – visualize and search tables (e.g. VCF, tableland, etc.) with hundreds of millions of rows, regardless of the location of the table: local, server, or cloud

6. Smart labelling in multi-charts – automatic space saving and making the charts more compact

7. Smart caching for cloud/HTTP bam sources: access to the BAM/VCF files on the cloud or web is now as fast as a local server after the initial page-based caching. The browsing speed is 10x faster

8. New analytic modules including variable selection and predictions using elastic net, random forest and partial least square

9. Significant improvements on plasmid-host integration with improved circular alignment, partial alignment and consensus inference

10. Various genome browser improvements




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