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[New Land Update] GeneticsLand: a turnkey solution for genetic data storage, analysis and annotation

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[New Land Update] GeneticsLand: a turnkey solution for genetic data storage, analysis and annotation

Vivian Zhang

GeneticsLand will provide a turnkey solution to genetic data storage, analysis, and annotation to facilitate a wide range of genetic-based activities in drug discovery and development. It serves as a gateway to bring both internal and external genetic data in one place to allow easy access and interpretation of genetic data.

GeneticsLand utilizes a proprietary data storage framework that enables efficient storage of whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, GWAS and imputed data. Data quality control and analysis adopting up-to-date best practices are implemented in GeneticsLand to allow consistent and rapid genetic data QC and analysis. By linking both current and historical internal data with most-current external databases, GeneticsLand can help researchers interpret genetic analysis results.

GeneticsLand is a tool that will be used for drug target discovery, drug target validation, pharmacogenetic and pharmacogenomics studies. Expected release 2015 Q4. Contact us at if you are interested in a free trial. Also, talk to us if you have public or private datasets of interest. We would love to customize the Land for your research needs.

GeneticLand Sneak peek:

Figure. Variant Region Plot 

Figure. Variant Region Plot 

GeneticsLand has the following 6 major modules:

(1)     Genetics data management:

  • Stores array-based or sequencing-based genotype data, imputed dosage data on the server with powerful search/visualization/exporting functions
  • Manages QC results and association reports

(2)    Genetic variant management: manages a huge collection of variant annotation

(3)    Array-based data analysis pipeline: Genetic data analysis pipeline based on GWAS and imputed data

(4)    NGS data analysis pipeline:

  • Uses server, cluster or cloud to run OSA4+GATK or BWA+GATK pipeline
  • Generates QC and VCF from FASTQ in a simple yet powerful pipeline.
  • Includes built-in cloud/server based BAM streaming

(5)    Genetic search engine:

  • Provides gene based search engine for full genetic information – GWAS catalog, eQTL.
  • Makes use of LD information to provide insights for target validation and interpretation of genetic contribution to drug response

(6)    eQTL management: manages public or internal eQTL data in a highly searchable/visual user interface

Screenshots of GeneticLand prototype:

Table. Vatiant Annotation

Table. Vatiant Annotation

Figure. Variant Filter Directory. (Partial display)

Figure. Variant Filter Directory. (Partial display)

Figure. LDL Association Plot

Figure. LDL Association Plot