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[Feature Review] Add Virtual Genome File from HTTP to Genome Browser

Vivian Zhang

The increasing number of available public datasets, such as from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), Catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer (COSMIC) and The Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Consortium, makes it much easier for researchers to conduct biomedical and clinical research.

Want to check a sample’s genome for mutations or gene expression? There could be VCF, BigWig files and BAM files available from a variety of sources.

The number of studies based on whole genome sequencing is skyrocketing, due to the development of Next Generation Sequencing technology that has decreased sequencing costs. However, with the large sequencing files, especially publicly available BAM files public, downloading these file takes hours or even days.

In Array Studio, Genome Browser allows users to Add Track from URL:

This allows users to add sorted BAM files, sorted VCF files, BAS files, BigBed and BigWig files and more from the URL. Once added, the Genome Browser only takes a few seconds to load. 
For more details, please read our wiki page:

If you are an OncoLand user, you may want to check out your sample of interest in the Land. We already downloaded and preprocessed thousands of samples, and included source files for most RNA-Seq data that are genome browser-ready. If you are not a Land user, contact us for a free demo!

Array Studio and Land: integral in helping you save time and accelerate your research discovery.