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OncoLand and ImmunoLand Update Webinar (Updates to TCGA and GEO Datasets)

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OncoLand and ImmunoLand Update Webinar (Updates to TCGA and GEO Datasets)

Matt Newman

Jack Liu, President of Omicsoft, will discuss and demonstrate live some of our biggest updates to the “Land” technology since its introduction in 2013. This includes framework updates, feature updates, as well as data updates to both OncoLand and ImmunoLand. 

Major framework updates: 

(1) deep clinical integration with the user interface and analytics with carefully curated TCGA clinical data 
(2) dynamic correlation framework providing instant integration capabilities across different data types and genes 
(3) much improved comparison support greatly enhancing our ImmunoLand subscription and future OncoLand subscriptions 
(4) integration with our breakthrough variant annotation system. 

Also included are the following features/data updates: 
(1) Built-in metagenomics integration (viral, bacterial) for TCGA, GTEx and a few other “Lands” 
(2) Sample specific views (expression, CNV and mutation) 
(3) Grouping/Profiling visualization support for multiple columns 
(4) Various “GeneSet” view improvements, including performance improvement 
(5) Cross-tissue normalized protein data: RPPA-RBN 
(6) New “Group Summary” views for powerful exporting of statistics behind the boxplots, heatmaps, etc. 
(7) Thousands of new NGS and MicroArray samples for ImmunoLand with additional disease coverage 
(8) Various data updates (TCGA, ICGC, GenetechCellLine, etc.) for Oncoland 

We will also present some of the near-future working projects, including HLA typing and dynamic cohort support. The Land updates will also be made available to our customers on July 17th as well.

We'll also update our blog in the coming days with direct links to the recorded webinar, and stay tuned for blog posts showing some of the newly released features and datasets.