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Omicsoft is the leading provider of Next Generation Sequencing, Cancer Genomics, Immunology, and Bioinformatics solutions for Next Generation Sequencing Data and Gene Expression Analysis.

New cancer genomics datasets (TCGA and more) with OncoLand's 2015 Q2 Release

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New cancer genomics datasets (TCGA and more) with OncoLand's 2015 Q2 Release

Vivian Zhang

PR News Release

Omicsoft Corporation, an industry leader in cancer genomics, bioinformatics, and next generation sequencing storage and analysis, today announced their quarterly release of their OncoLand data service. Watch the Land 2015 Q2 Release Webinar

Omicsoft Corporation provides a data service and oncology database platform, OncoLand, that focuses on management of both public and customer cancer datasets, including clinical, next generation sequencing, gene expression, copy number, protein, and methylation data. 

In the 2015 Q2 release, the biggest Land update since it's introduction in 2013, Omicsoft highlights the following updates:

  • Introduction of a new clinical subsystem
  • 10+ Patient centric views now available
  • Introduction of new lands, such as GenentechCellLine, and more than 10,000 new sample data (requires controlled access to Genentech Cell Line study published in Nature in 2014)
  • Feature updates:
  1. Dynamic correlation (among RNA-Seq, Mutation, CNV and protein expression data)
  2. Viral and bacterial data integration
  3. Sample centric views
  4. Multiple grouping
  5. Geneset improvement
  6. Land Audit Trail
  7. "Missing data" visualizations

For more details about feature update, please watch the Land 2015 Q2 Release Webinar

Along with the OncoLand release, Omicsoft is pleased to introduce the next release of ImmunoLand. ImmunoLand incorporates public immunology data in disease areas including Arthritis, Asthma, COPD, IBD (Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s diseases), Lupus, Psoriasis and other skin diseases, Infectious diseases and vaccine, and Neuroimmuno-diseases (multiple sclerosis and more).

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