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Creating your own Lands for integration with OncoLand or ImmunoLand

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Creating your own Lands for integration with OncoLand or ImmunoLand

Matt Newman

Free Land Creation

While many of our users are aware of the OncoLand and ImmunoLand datasets, not everyone might be aware of how easy it is to create your own Lands, and further integrate these with the public Lands (for instance with TCGA).

Omicsoft provides easy-to-use command line tools that can be used to import your own mutation data, copy number data, and RNA-Seq data into a Land created specifically for you or your dataset.  These can then easily be combined with "virtual" lands to create a Land that allows visualization and querying of your data side-by-side with the public data. In order to do, curation is the key requirement, as you must choose two columns for integration. In most cases, for OncoLand-based Lands, this will be Tumor Type and Sample Type (Primary Tumor, Normal, etc.), and for ImmunoLand this might be DiseaseState and Tissue.

These tools are available for free with your subscription to either OncoLand or ImmunoLand, and if you'd like to try building the Lands yourself, contact with any questions on getting started.

Paid Land Creation

Many of our users prefer to have Omicsoft do the Land creation, including processing of their data through our pipelines (using either Omicsoft resources or the customer resources via VPN access).  This can be a way to get the benefit of internal Land creation, without having to invest any time in gaining expertise on how the process works.  If you're interested in seeing how we can help process your data, be it WGS, WXS, Targeted Sequencing, RNA-Seq, and more, contact us at