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[New Feature] Manage Land Sample Clinical Data

Vivian Zhang

Omicsoft has been working diligently over the past few months to both strengthen our ability to incorporate clinical data, as well as  growing our list of curated clinical measurements from public datasets. Currently, there are more than 1000 different clinical measurement variables in total, including sample demographics, survival data, symptoms, treatments and more in OncoLand and DiseaseLand. Moreover, users often have their sets of internal clinical data they wish to add to the system. If you have not started leveraging the power of our clinical data subsystem, please take a look at OncoLand Case Study - Clinical Variables for a 10 mins quick video tutorial on how to utilize clinical data to identify novel associations.

To help users better manage Land clinical data, we recently implemented Manage Sample Clinical Data function in Land. This function can be accessed through:



This function allows users to add clinical data, manage clinical variable meta data, remove samples and remove clinical vatiables: 

Add Clinical Data

Add Clinical Data

Adding clinical data is straightforward. In addition, "Metadata" for clinical data columns can be controlled by adding a second table. For example, clinical data column grouping can be controlled by a table where the first column contains Clinical Data column names, and the second column contains category:

Add Clinical Variable Metadata

Add Clinical Variable Metadata


The function is easy-to-use and straightforward, allowing users to manage their clinical data efficiently and effectively. For more details on the function, please refer to our wiki page

Stay tuned for additional functionality coming at the end of this year, including support for CDISC formatted files, to include time-series measurement data.