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[Important Land Update] Land Filter Now Carries Over Across Multiple Searches

Vivian Zhang

Omicsoft's Lands are known for being comprehensive, powerful and integrated, allowing users to navigate across samples, genes, data types, datasets and platforms. As comprehensive and flexible as it can be, the system may appear to be complex for some users, with growing numbers of samples, datasets and data types. To help user apply filters more easily and efficiently, Omicsoft recently improved its filtering logic in the Lands. 

Previously, filters applied to one search do not carry over from the main Land tab, requiring users to apply filters all over again for any new search.

For example, if the user wants to compare gene expression FPKM for EGFR in KIRC (Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma) and KIRP (Kidney Renal Papillary Cell Carcinoma), the first step might be to filter the tumor types in the TCGA_B37 main tab (to see sample numbers and understand the overall distribution of samples). Next, the user can search for EGFR and go to Gene FPKM view (Step 2). If the user wants to see the gene expression of TP53, previously the Land doesn't carry over the filter and the user needs to redo the filter again (Step 3).

Step 1  filter for Tumor Type KIRC and KIRP, and check sample statistics (data availability in this example search):

Step 2 search for Gene EGFR and view Gene FPKM view:

Step 3 search for Gene TP53, the sample filter does not carry over and the user has to redo the filter all over again:


Now with the new version, the filter carries  over without any additional steps:


Imagine when one has already filtered many steps and navigated to a group of samples/genes that appear intriguing, how easy and time-saving it becomes to directly have all the filter steps applied to the new search. 

This filter logic applies to all left-hand side filter tabs including Sample, Comparison and all data type filter tabs. 

If the user does not want to apply the filters, simply click Clear All Filters button to reset everything: