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[Land Update] Omicsoft Quarterly Land Update Summary

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[Land Update] Omicsoft Quarterly Land Update Summary

Vivian Zhang

Omicsoft is excited to announce it’s latest Land updates, including OncoLand and DiseaseLand.

Highlights include:


  • Official release of the B38 Human Lands, including TCGA, CCLE, GTEx, Blueprint, and Sanger
  • Additional samples in the TARGET and Blueprint Lands
  • 5700 new Somatic Mutation samples in the TumorMutation Land
  • 350 new samples and 80 new comparisons in the OncoGeo Land
  • 1750 new expression samples in the ClinicalOutcome Land
  • Updated clinical data and CNVCall data in TCGA
  • New Comparison data (Tumor vs Normal) for 24 tumor types in TCGA


  • 3916 single cell samples from 5 projects to the Single Cell Human Land, including seven new cell types
  • 5466 single cell samples from 10 projects to the Single Cell Human Land, including seven new mouse cell types
  • 840 new RNA-Seq samples in Human DiseaseLand, along with additional comparisons
  • 2402 new RNA-Seq samples in Mouse DiseaseLand, along with additional comparisons
  • DiseaseLand now includes over 67,000 human samples, with 3239 comparison from 1000+ projects and almost 21,000 mouse samples, with 2,248 comparisons from over 650 projects. 

Incorporation with the recently introduced Gene Set Analysis module provides extra value to the release, as we now allow users to query against all of the new Land data as well. 


Matt Newman, VP of Business Development, will spend 45 minutes on December 12th, at 11:00 am EST, to give an overview of all the new datasets and visualizations that are included with this latest release. Please register here. We will contact users about this release update shortly after our webinar. Please stay tuned.