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[Land Update]GeneticsLand: Data Warehouse for Variant Level Data

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[Land Update]GeneticsLand: Data Warehouse for Variant Level Data

Vivian Zhang


What is GeneticsLand?

GeneticsLand is a data warehouse for variant level data and provides a turnkey solution to genetic data storage, analysis, and annotation to facilitate a wide range of genetic-based activities in drug discovery and development. 

It allows user to import and export VCF files, array based data, imputed array data, eQTL data, association results, and variant annotated data. GeneticsLand is a subscription, adding value regularly with new content after purchase.. It is a search engine that not only stores millions of samples but also provides fast, easy and accurate search of variants, genes, chromosomal region and phenotype data.

Why use GeneticsLand?


Big Data:  GeneticsLand can store up to one million VCF samples per "Land" (database), (assuming 100 million SNPs per sample and essentially unlimited array based files). It can support thousands of association studies. At the same time,  data storage is compressed, significantly reducing IT storage burden.

Fast: GeneticsLand can access 100 trillion data points and perform advanced visualizations and dynamic annotation in real time.  Queries of 10 billion data points can occur in much less than 1 second (0.01 seconds in benchmark testing).

Integrated Solution: GeneticsLand will provide biologist-friendly and high level client for genomic/genetic data integration (including a future web-based client), accelerating target identification and validation using our sophisticated queries and visualization system. Our adjacent products, including OncoLand, ImmunoLand and CVMLand, work together with GeneticsLand to provide comprehensive genomic research tools that empower researchers in all disease fields. 



Search variant/genes for individual genotypes, SNP allele frequencies (population genetics), and annotations:

Access curated public association data: 

Visualize public and private eQTL data:

Correlate numerical clinical variables to genotypes:

How could GeneticsLand help you with your genetics research?

  • Big Picture - centralized storage and search engine
  • Everyday work
    • Search variant/gene for annotations
    • Search frequencies for a given variant/gene/region cross projects
    • Access individual genotype data (for data managers) cross projects
    • Access public association data (e.g. GRASP2)
    • Access public variant data
    • normalized data from any# of studies through exportinf
    • Instant region/genome plots for association studies

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and weeks! 

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