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[Land Update] Omicsoft OncoLand 2016 Q2 Update

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[Land Update] Omicsoft OncoLand 2016 Q2 Update

Vivian Zhang

We've reached the time for our OncoLand Quarterly Update, and we're excited about what we have to tell you about!

In our Q1 2016 release following our kick-off User Group Meeting, we had a major update to the Lands including CCLE_B37, CGCI_B37, , Hematology_B37, ICGC_B37, OncoGEO_B37, TARGET_B37, TCGA_B37, and TumorMutation_B37, and the addition of two new lands, ClinicalOutcome_B37 and expO_B37. In the Q2 update, we provided update for Hematology_B37, ICGC_B37, TCGA_B37 and OncoGEO_B37. 

Here is  the sample statistics for updated Lands. For details, please refer to OncoLand 2016 Q2 Release Whitepaper.



•    60 samples (two cell lines under different conditions) with RNA-Seq data; based on SRA SRP041036
•    5484 samples with Affymetrix (U133 Plus 2.0) expression data; based on GEO GSE15695, GSE19784, GS6891, GSE12417, GSE13159, GSE17855 and MMGP
•    767 samples with CNV data; based on GEO, MMRC Collection, HMCL69 cell line and Corral2012 study
•    203 samples with DNA-Seq somatic mutation data; based on MMRC Reference Collection
•    68 samples with DNA-Seq mutation data; based on HMCL69 cell line collection



•    577 samples with RNA-Seq data
•    779 samples with Methylation450 data
•    5587 samples with DNA-Seq Somatic Mutation da
•    2869 samples with CNV data



•    2001 samples with RNA-Seq data
•    4786 samples with expression data



•    22301 samples with CNV data
•    9677 samples with DNA-Seq Somatic Mutation data
•    2377 samples with Expression Ratio (Agilent) data
•    9793 samples with Methylation450 data
•    11022 samples with miRNA-Seq data
•    7933 samples with RPPA (protein array) data
•    4735 samples with RPPA_RBN (protein array) data
•    11291 samples with RNA-Seq data


Most users should have already been contacted about this release update, and if not, we will work with you to update your servers in the near future.