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Bridging Bioinformatics|Genomics|Genetics Research: 2016 Omicsoft User Group Meeting

Vivian Zhang


  • Who Attended:
    • More than 30 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 
    • More than 100 attendees who are experts and scientists in the field of bioinformatics/genomics/genetics.
  • What Occurred:
    • Numerous discussions among attendees on the future of biomarker discovery, as well as best practices of data management, visualization and analysis.



Omicsoft Corporation successfully held our kick-off Omicsoft User Group Meeting in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday May 4, 2016.

We would like to thank all speakers and attendees, all of whom are extremely important in helping build out our platform successfully.  We've received extremely positive feedback from the meeting, and hope to do it again in the future.  Feedback on our software and services help drive our business, and the direct interaction with our customers during the event proved invaluable to us. 

Highlights from the meeting:

  • Introduction of GeneticsLand for management of genetics data
  • Introduction to the future SingleCell Land
  • Overview on curation processes
  • Updates on current data subscription Lands

For more details, please visit our 2016 User Group Meeting webpage.


Above is just a glance of some exciting moments at our meeting. If you missed the meeting, we have uploaded our speaker presentations and videos on our 2016 User Group Meeting webpage.

If you have any question with regard to the meeting, please contact us. 


[New Land Update] Coming Soon: MetabolicLand helps researcher battle diabetes, obesity and more

Vivian Zhang

The increasing number of public genomic datasets and customer demand for integrated database have been driving Omicsoft's Land database development. In just a few short years, our flagship Land, OncoLand, has been an overwhelming success and is now being used by most of our pharma and biotech customers. Encouraged by our OncoLand success, we are in the process of bringing a series of DiseaseLand products to our customers, including the recently released ImmunoLand and the upcoming MetabolicLand. 

MetabolicLand is designed for metabolic disease data, for example, diabetes and obesity, as well as cardiovascular diseases.  By the end of 2015, MetabolicLand will be tested and used by a few of our prestigious pharmaceutical clients. 

We will have three distinct Land products covering all disease areas:

1. OncoLand (Oncology)
2. ImmunoLand (immune related diseases and neurological diseases)
3. MetabolicLand (Metabolic and Cardiovascular diseases)

We will do our best to fit all remaining diseases that we have not yet covered into these three categories, as least as it related to genomic data.

Before its release, we would like to show you a few snapshots of our MetabolicLand. Schedule a meeting with us through if you are interested in metabolic disease genomic and clinical data. Also, talk to us if you have public or private datasets of interest. We would love to customize the Land for your research needs.

Figure 1. MetabolicLand Sample Distribution by 2015 Q3.

Figure 1. MetabolicLand Sample Distribution by 2015 Q3.

Figure 2. MetabolicLand mTOR Gene Expression Comparison, Disease vs. Control. 

Figure 2. MetabolicLand mTOR Gene Expression Comparison, Disease vs. Control. 

Figure 3. Available Views in MetabolicLand by 2015 Q3.

Figure 3. Available Views in MetabolicLand by 2015 Q3.

Together, let Omicsoft help improve your metabolic and cardiovascular disease research and drug development.