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[Land Update] Next Generation Of OmicSoft Lands on AWS Cloud

Vivian Zhang

In April 2017, Gary Ge from OmicSoft presented the webinar, Next Generation Of OmicSoft Lands on AWS Cloud, which described OmicSoft's transition into a cloud-based Land system. For those who missed the webinar, please watch the recording here, or read through this article on how our new Land technology may improve our service.

OmicSoft’s Land technology has enabled collection and management of large public data sets in curated knowledge bases in the fields of cancer genomics (OncoLand), cardiovascular, metabolic and immunology (DiseaseLand), as well as genetic research (GeneticsLand). With more data being curated daily, and more users requesting content faster, we have been focused on creating a better solution for public Land delivery.

With the rapid growth of our Land database, we now provide 32 Lands including OncoLand and DiseaseLand to customers. Previously, we delivered and updated all content of approximately 1.5TB data each quarter. The delivery often takes 1 to 5 days, and requires server-based parallel publishing, which takes a lot effort for both OmicSoft and company IT/OmicSoft product administrators.

In 2014, OmicSoft released Studio on the Cloud, and continues to improve its cloud implementation since inception. Studio on the Cloud allows users to seamlessly run all Array Studio analytics from Amazon, combining the storage of S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) with the analytical power of EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). Omicsoft has seen an increasing number of clients that implement mixed mode solutions (cloud solution in addition to their SGE/PBS/LSF cluster). 

With new technology breakthroughs, OmicSoft now offer the cloud-based Land. Our cloud Land designe enables Land streaming from Amazon AWS. It makes Land data delivery much easier. Here is a comparison on Land delivery performance:


The design has the following features: 

• 10x performance improvement for dynamic query
• Stream to client’s ArrayServer with server cache
• Quick land delivery with minimal local storage footprint
• Faster future content updates
• Potential On-demand content updates (particularly for DiseaseLand) 
• Allowing virtual land of public cloud lands and local server internal lands

To date, most of our clients have chosen to switch to cloud-based Land delivery. Please speak to the OmicSoft support team, or your company administrator to understand how cloud-based Land delivery can benefit your research.