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[New Feature] Sample filtering made easy with new String Filter function

Vivian Zhang

At Omicsoft, we have a continually growing Land user base. The increasing number of public genomic research projects and datasets has made it possible to research on public samples with certain disease, gene mutation or clinical phenotype without spending millions of dollars to conduct the experiments. As we continue to improve Land sample search and filter capacities, we are glad to introduce a new String Filter function that will make it easier to search multiple samples, genes or any conditions. 

For any string variables, no matter it is sample ID, gene name, clinical measurement or others, the user can filter multiple strings using Add String Filter function:

For example, if the user is interested in gene expression of EGFR gene and wants to further research on a few samples with high EGFR expression in breast cancer, he or she will likely check the gene FPKM view of EGFR gene in TCGA Land and identify a few samples:

Samples with high EGFR expression in breast cancer patients are highlighted in pink.

Samples with high EGFR expression in breast cancer patients are highlighted in pink.

Next, the user can right click on SampleID filter, as it is shown in Figure 1, and choose Add String Filter (Select) to select sample ID names:

Or, the user can choose Add String Filter (Input) and just copy in the sample ID:

The string filter function applies to all string variable filters. Now, let's get started with fast string filtering on your sample of interest!

Note: Array Studio version requirement: v8.1.0.95  or higher.