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Vivian Zhang

As Omicsoft continues to experience increasing demand for customers to host clinical and patient data (both non-omic and genomics data), we constantly improve our data security and management functionality. We are in the process of evaluating our compliance with more rigorous federal regulations on top of our daily efforts to improve features one at a time (Stay tuned for our upcoming compliance document update). Among them, one recent improvement makes it possible for tiered data access control.

To illustrate, for example, a client may have research project portfolio as follows stored on Array Server:

Example client research project portfolio.

Example client research project portfolio.

In this case, the main folders represent disease areas, which each has multiple sub folders corresponding to different clinical trial projects. As Array Studio administrator or manager, controlling user access to different research projects is critical. Previously, Omicsoft enables control of user access to a main folder but not sub folders. Thus, administrators have to create one main folder for each project or group projects that has exactly the same control structure, if they didn't want additional people to have read or edit access. Now, with the improved tiered folder control, administrators can control read and edit access of each single folder. In this way, projects can be easily grouped by disease areas, departments, locations or any category of preference that is suitable on a client by client basis. Moving forward, clients can and should continue to utilize Array Studio as their genomics research project management hub to not only analyze but also manage all genomics projects. 

For more detailed information, please contact us about how to better manage project and access on Array Server.