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Omicsoft is the leading provider of Next Generation Sequencing, Cancer Genomics, Immunology, and Bioinformatics solutions for Next Generation Sequencing Data and Gene Expression Analysis.


Software Customizations

Customize Array Suite with paid work orders to more easily integrate your systems with Omicsoft's. Includes interactions like Oracle/SQL, customer-specific feature updates, and faster deliverables for specific feature requests. 


In conjunction with an Array Suite installation, Omicsoft has provided its customers with many custom installations, including but not limited to:

  1. Integration with internal Oracle or Sql/Sqlite databases
  2. Integration with internal web services
  3. Analytics customizations-- in the areas of microarray analysis, cnv analysis, and NGS analysis (and more)
  4. Integration with outside tools (i.e. integration with pathway analysis tools)
  5. Support for specific file types
  6. Migration of data from legacy Resolver systems
  7. Pipeline customization
  8. Visualization customization--designing specific visualizations for a data type based on the customer's needs

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