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Omicsoft is the leading provider of Next Generation Sequencing, Cancer Genomics, Immunology, and Bioinformatics solutions for Next Generation Sequencing Data and Gene Expression Analysis.

Array Studio Download

Download Array Studio for use in your bioinformatics environment.


ArrayStudio Launcher is installed through ClickOnce deployment. If you are using Internet Explorer, click Run Array Studio below:

Note: Once open this page in IE and click the launch button, it will create a desktop icon "ArrayStudio Launcher".  User can then click the icon and launch ArrayStudio regardless which default internet browser has been set on your computer.

Mac Version: Note: As a 32-bit application, some analysis functionality does not currently work. The Mac version is self-updating, so you should only have to download the software one time (unless otherwise instructed).

For further details on installation and activation, please visit Array Studio Installation and Registration.